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USID2007 Conference Speakers

Prof. M.P. Ranjan   Kentaro Toyama   Prof. Orville Clubb   Lalitesh
National Institute of Design   Asst. MD,
Microsoft Research
  City Univ. of Hong Kong   Google Engineering
Vijay Tadepalli   Hiren Dalal   Jay R. Pullur   Sanjai.K
AVP & Head UXM Group, Satyam   Director Quality and PMO, CA   Founder & CEO, Pramati Technologies   Program Director & Head, SAP Labs
Ramakrishna Yarlapati   Markus Hegi   Ravi Krishnan    
SVP & Head - ERP, SAP Labs   CEO & Founder, Colayer GmbH   Head, PTL U,
Presentation Topics
Topic Speakers
Living in Digital World, Challenges for Engineers and Designers
Prof. M P Ranjan - Principle Designer & Faculty, National Institute of Design (NID)
User Experience Research in India for India
Mr. Kentaro Toyama - Asst. Managing Director, Microsoft Research, India
Embracing Simplicity and Innovation in ERP Applications
Mr. Ramakrishna Yarlapati - Senior Vice President, ERP SAP Labs India
Mr. Sanjai K. - Program Director & Head ERP, SAP labs, Bangalore

Making Information Accessible and Useful

Mr. Lalitesh Katragadda - Google Engineering
Impacting Business Through Usability
Mr. Vijay Tadepalli - AVP & Head User Experience Management Group, Satyam
Developing Usable Product UI - CEO's Vision Mr. Jay R. Pullar - CEO & Founder, Pramati Technologies, Hyderabad
Measuring User Experience Hiren Dalal - Director Quality & PMO, CA (Computer Associates), Hyderabad
Internet & Society
Dr. Orville Leverne Clubb - Asso. Professor, CS Dept., City University of Hongkong
Web 2.0 for Virtual Workplaces
Mr. Markus Hegi - CEO, Colayer
Designing the eLearning Interface - Emerging Opportunities and Challenges
Mr. Ravi Krishnan L - Head Performance Through Learning, Trina, Hyderabad

USID2007 Workshops

1) User Centered Design Process  
2) Experience AJAX: Workshop for Designers  
3) How to conduct Usability Test & Analyze Results
4) Accessibility & 508 compliance
5) User Centered Design Process - Repeat Session 
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Living in Digital World- Challenges for Designers and Engineers
Technology has become the driving force of change in the modern world. While hardware and software matured at a very fast pace, equal adoption of these technologies however continued to exclude individuals and communities from harnessing the true benefits. The power of design to link technology to the latent needs of users had not been fully harnessed. The result is failure to connect people with solutions that make a positive impact on their lives. What design techniques and methodologies should be employed that contribute to building an Information Society with a maximum number of people can use technology with a minimum effort?